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Cryptid is the next generation of identification. Current identification methods such as state issued driver's licenses are insecure and easily tampered with. Cryptid eliminates the possibility of counterfeit identification by adding factors of identification and encryption that is backed by a distributed, global network. Oh, and did we mention we're open source?


By utilizing the power of the block chain, no one authority holds access to your identity. Instead the data is distributed across many computers, which prevents corruption and makes it nearly impossible for your identity data to be tampered with. Conventional identification methods rely on a central authority such as a state government in order to assure your identity, making them vulnerable to hacking and corruption.

Multiple Factors

Cryptid uses three factor authentication to assure you are who you say you are. Traditional identification methods only require one factor of authentication which is the card that you have. Cryptid gives you the ability to use all three. The unique identifier is something you have, the password is something you know and your fingerprint is something you are. Learn more about multi factor authentication

Cuts Costs

Since Cryptid doesn't require a physical identification card to prove your identity, we allow you to cut costs by allowing your identification media to be almost anything from a smart phone to a generic piece of paper -- anything that can store a QR code.

How It Works

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To begin, we take the data provided in the form and package it into a compact format readable by our systems and generate your Cryptid identification data.

Encrypted and Signed

All of your data is encrypted with the provided password. It is important that you do not forget this password as there is no way to recover it. We also have a "password of our own" (a private key) that is used to sign the data to prevent any counterfeit identification data.

Uploaded to the Blockchain

This is the last step in which your data will be in our hands. It will now be permanently transferred to the blockchain! This means your data cannot be manipulated by any authority or person, not even us.

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You are then given a unique identification number that points to your information on the block chain and can be stored on almost anything from magnetic stripes to QR codes. We currently use QR codes to store this on our standard issue identification cards.

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